The aim of the Vocational School of Near East University is to train qualified personnel who are well equipped with the knowledge and skills in their fields, who follow the technological developments and who have enough professional background to receive undergraduate education.

In order to ensure that the vocational education needs of the digital age are fully reflected in our students, educational activities are carried out through 11 departments and 18 programs using advanced educational technologies.

The biggest difference of our vocational high schools from other universities is that all these programs are carried out in the faculties of our university. Thus, in addition to the esteemed academicians in the academic staff of our faculties by creating a holistic education system, the experiences of the experts, elite practitioners and the leading executives of the sector are shared. The Directorate of Vocational School carries out all the administrative work of the departments and programs for 2 years, and continues to open new programs and bring them to our faculties. In our university, besides theoretical courses; great importance is given to the application. Most of the courses are practiced in our modern laboratories and workshops.

Students of our vocational school have the right to double major. Students who are successful in double major program have the right to two separate diplomas for two major program. In addition to this, graduates of Vocational School who prefer 4 years departments are provided with the possibility of vertical transfer with high scholarship opportunities.

The mission of our school is; is to be a leading educational institution which is preferred by students and preferred among graduates and needs individual, vocational and social needs in education-education philosophy.

The vision of our school; In cooperation with the faculties, it is to be a respected Vocational School, using the resources and opportunities at the highest level, contributing to the national economy with the sample people and projects it produces, to implement and continuously improve the education programs.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sezer KANBUL